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New technologies for new opportunities

Unirobot Maschinen + Service GmbH has been developing innovative automation solutions for 15 years. Today the company also deals with the integration of robots in production processes for the manufacture of pharmaceutical packaging.

In Schwalmtal on the Lower Rhine, the requirements for automation solutions have been known from various markets for 15 years. Starting as a system solver for the Sophia Jacoba mine, it initially included developments for the automotive industry, such as welding robot cells in cooperation with Panasonic, or handling solutions for numerous forming technologies. A full logistics palletizer for folding boxes was designed and installed in 2006 as the first automation system for the packaging industry.

At Drupa 2016, Uni-robot presented for the first time in cooperation with QTM Service GmbH an extensive program consisting of folding box feeding for gluing machines – the RL system, a feeding of corrugated cardboard sheets in processing machines – RF system and the palletizing system – RP . The intensive collaboration between Unirobot and QTM is no coincidence. Both companies sit under one roof. Development engineers, mechanical engineering, in-house production and service technicians have complemented each other sensibly for years. With a total of 55 employees, the market requirements from the packaging industry are served together on a production area of ​​5,500 square meters. Each system is individually tailored to customer requirements.

For the near future, of course, Unirobot is driving the topic of Industry 4.0. Numerous system integrations between linked production systems are developed here. In general, the subject of measuring, testing and sorting is playing an increasingly important role in process monitoring. With the Check-mate product line, an offline inspection system for folding boxes that is offered in cooperation with Autoprint via QTM, there are special application possibilities in the pharmaceutical industry. Camera systems for sheet monitoring on punching machines for incorrect sheet detection are another topic that is served. “The individuality of our system solutions to unite people and machines in production technologies is a particular strength of our company. At Drupa 2020 we will be increasingly dealing with the integration of cobots into the production processes for the manufacture of pharmaceutical packaging,” said Jürgen Wyes since 2015 managing director of Unirobot Maschinen + Service GmbH and QTM GmbH.

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