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Fully automated machines

Modular cell from the welding cell range flexibly equipped with one or more robots and additional axes. The cell can be transported by forklift and thus positioned very quickly and flexibly.

Like all our modular cells, these systems are completely designed on a central platform. This means very short installation times for our customers. Since all the necessary components are located on the central floor; this means connect media and “Ready to start”.

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Fully automatic welding and Processing center with robot handling between the modules. Realization in the field of heavy load logistics.

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Marketplace for assembly production from modular welding cells incl. robot handling and inline marking system.

Due to the modular design, it is possible to react flexibly to new product requirements by extensions or adaptations.

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Uni Feeder Type UF

Fully automatic production line for automatic loading and unloading of a processing line. Recognition and gripping of the components via a bin-picking module.

Sorting and inline QA inspection of the components fed by the driverless transport system (AGV). Interaction according to “Industry 4.0” with the associated plants and control systems is already standard here.

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Robot laser marker type RLM

Fully automatic system for QA inline inspection and laser marking of components incl. flow and deposit control of IO and NIO components.

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Robot removal system type RES

Space-saving removal and sorting system, e.g. in the forging and press area. Integrated flow and deposit control for further processing.

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Robot unloading system

System for independent unloading of production machines. Automatic gripper changing system for maximum flexibility around a wide QA inspection inline for classification of components. Connection to logistics systems for infeed and outfeed.

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