Our principles

Our existence, our development and all entrepreneurial decisions over the decades are based on three principles.

Some jobs just aren’t made for humans.

Palletizing packages, loading and unloading production equipment, inspecting or sorting. Tough jobs that no one should be doing. Even sorting screws is still done by humans to some extent these days. Not only is this extremely error-prone, slow and costly, in our view it is not work that should be done by humans. There is hardly a process that does not bring benefits for all involved through the right automation.

Automation is not the future, but the present.

In fact, in the minds of many companies, there is still the idea that robots are a mere vision of the future. Meanwhile, they are being overtaken by the competition. Automation is by no means something that will start slowly in the next few years, but in our view an unavoidable minimum standard of effectiveness and cost efficiency, which should have been a reality in all companies for several years.

A load-bearing column should never become a risk.

Many machines are built to withstand exactly what they are made for, according to physical calculations. Our customers appreciate that we always go the extra mile, as the consequences such as lost production and lost sales can be devastating. Our designs always claim to perform 110% of what they should. This is how we ensure that the mainstay of your sales does not become a potential threat to you.

QTM Mitarbeiter prüft die Stanzmaschine im Qualtitätsmanagement

For us, being a family business means taking personal responsibility.

For us, our customers are not an anonymous number in the system. We interpret the fact that we are a family business as a commitment to take personal responsibility. The fact that we are liable for every project with our private name shows that our own success is unconditionally linked to the long-term satisfaction of our customers. We are aware that we had to earn our good reputation and that it is not a matter of course to be allowed to benefit from it in the future.

With every single customer relationship, we cultivate what people tell each other about us. That’s why we attach great importance to sticking to our principles, advising each individual personally, honestly and transparently, meeting the highest standards in every project and thus delighting our customers with our services and products in the long term. Only in this way can we grow ourselves and become more successful.

QTM Management in the second generation

91% of our employees have own children

One father and son team working in our production

Ingenieur schraubt an einer Maschine

We are working towards a world in which no one has to do monotonous and repetitive work anymore.

Our motivation lies in a world where technology and humanity work symbiotically to draw the best from both worlds and improve the quality of life for all.

So many jobs are simply not made for humans. And so many jobs are nevertheless done by them. And they do it every day in countless companies that aren’t even aware of it. Our motivation is to envision a world where technology and humanity go hand in hand, to get the most out of both worlds and to be able to focus on what makes us tick and what tangibly improves everyone’s quality of life. It’s not about diminishing the value of human labor. On the contrary.

It’s about making better use of our human resources and freeing ourselves from monotonous and repetitive work. Giving ourselves space for what makes us human: our creativity and our ability to shape the world. Only then can we focus on projects that ignite our passion and have a positive impact on society. Through our everyday work, people have the opportunity to lift the burden from their shoulders and clear the way for what truly moves us forward.

QTM Mitarbeiter prüft Stanzbögen aus Stanzmaschinen

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Our industries
Our industries

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Der Ursprung der heutigen QTM Service GmbH war die Gründung der Woschnik + Partner (WPM) vor rund 30 Jahren durch W. Woschnik und N. Quenzel. Beide Herren waren Mitarbeiter der ehemaligen WUPA Maschinenfabrik. Die enge Kundenbindung und die Nähe zum Markt haben stets das Handeln des Unternehmens geleitet. Die QTM Service GmbH – in ihrer jetzigen Form – wurde 2003 von Norbert Quenzel gegründet und bezog Ende 2008 das neue moderne Firmengebäude (5.000 m²) in Schwalmtal (Nähe Mönchengladbach). Seitdem entwickelte sich die QTM Service GmbH kontinuierlich zu einem soliden und kundenorientierten Servicepartner und Zulieferer.