It is not about replacing employees, but to finally develop their strengths.

With our automation standard solutions, we have created a solution to respond to short-term customer requests and still offer our customers a wide range of options in the configuration of automation. With the product series UNIPAL for end-of-line palletizing, UNIPICK for robot-assisted picking and UNISORT for sortation of all kinds, we cover a wide range of tasks in intralogistics.

All standard solutions are available with a wide range of configuration options, so that our customers can choose between the function, the robot type, the type of article identification and much more, depending on the application and workflow. And should our standard solutions ever not be sufficient or fit 100%, it is always possible for us to expand UNIPAL, UNIPICK and UNISORT machines individually or adapt them to the requirements.

Logistics cells
Welding cells
Multifunctional cells

With our products, the shortage of skilled workers will no longer be a limiting factor in your production.

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End-of-Line palletizing and depalletizing

Handling packages has never been easier. UNIPAL takes over the monotonous and physically demanding work of your staff. UNIPAL is suited for palletizing end-of-line or depalletizing and induction into your warehouse systems. Our no-code approach allows you to choose the stacking pattern you need or let the software decide on its own. Thanks to our modular design, UNIPAL can be adapted easily and cost-effectively to your environment. We offer maximum flexibility: Mixed package sizes? Our palletizing software manages it. No suction-capable packages? We adjust the gripper for you. No matter if packages, bags or boxes. We can literally handle anything. Don’t want a safety fence around the robot? Choose the cobot-option. Need a higher level of self-sufficiency? Add a pallet dispenser. The possibilities are endless.

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Robot-assisted order picking

Order picking is typically the cause of about 50% of the warehouse costs1. UNIPICK is designed to streamline your warehouse operations. It takes over the monotonous task of commissioning orders and enables your staff to focus on more fulfilling tasks. Robotic picking is not only able to reduce the cost-per-pick by 71 – 80 %², but also to increase the throughput and staff satisfaction.
Using AI-based vision system, UNIPICK can pick a wide range of items right out of the box and is ready to pick from day one. By scanning each item and each bin/box, high picking and order accuracy is ensured. It easily integrates into your existing good-to-person system or picks your high runner products from a stationary shelf. By extending the robot’s reach with a linear axis, you can even create your automatic storage system for your micro-fulfillment application.

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Sorting with vision technology

UNISORT has the ability to systematically separate packages and bags from an unsorted bulk flow. Using AI-based vision technology, mixed parcels can be picked from a bin, conveyor belt or chute. By scanning the label, the system identifies which package is being handled and then re-sorts it into an unrestricted number of containers with a high degree of accuracy. This makes the system suitable for micro-sorting in preparation for last-mile delivery. Sorted by postal code, street name, etc., shipments can be delivered more efficiently. In addition, UNISORT is also suitable for the back-sorting of returns. Whether you want to sort mixed returns by type (e.g. clothing, electronics, etc.) to further streamline them, or whether you want to sort by fulfillment customer of your warehouse. Sort with unity, sort with UNISORT.

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Modular combination wonders for complex requirements

Our modular welding cells are equipped with one or more robots and additional axes. All cells are mounted on a central floor. This makes them forklift-compatible, quick and flexible to position. Our cells form self-contained production plants in which all necessary modules are already integrated. This enables us to realize very short installation times and true “plug-and-play” functionality.
For more complex requirements, our cells can be combined with each other to form complete production lines for component and subassembly manufacturing and assembly. For example, the component transfer between the cells can be extended by handling robotics.

An inline quality control incl. NiO management (e.g. by process-safe destruction of the components) and/or part marking can also be realized. Our welding fixtures are equipped with RFID technology so that the correct recipe (welding parameters, path guidance, etc.) is loaded fully automatically in the event of a product change. Our welding cells are used by OEMs and suppliers in the field of body and frame construction, chassis components for the automotive industry and rail vehicles as well as container construction and the furniture industry.

The allrounders for a wide range of processes

A rotary indexing table forms the heart of our production facilities. Various tasks can be integrated here: Measurements of geometric tolerances, optical inspections, weight checks, filling processes, laser engraving by means of DMC marking or assembly tasks such as screwing or gluing parts are just a few examples of the tasks that can be integrated on. This enables a high degree of adaptability to a wide variety of production requirements. Depending on the requirements in terms of cycle times and workload, we can flexibly adjust the number of robots used.

The material or components can be fed from bulk material streams by integrating vision-based bin picking systems. Alternatively, material movement can be realized via roller conveyors, which can optionally be connected to an AGV system (automated guided vehicle). NiO management ensures that rejects never enter downstream processes. All process data and measurement results are recorded and can be integrated into material databases or ERP systems. This seamless data integration enables comprehensive monitoring of production and serves as the basis for continuous improvements and process optimization.

Arme halten Robotersteuerung zum Bedienen des Roboterarms

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