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The genesis of our products does not come from a specific point in time, a breakthrough idea or a sophisticated master plan. Instead, it goes back more than 40 years. Norbert Quenzel, a mechatronics engineer, service technician, entrepreneur and later QTM founder at the time, laid the foundation for what we are today. The know-how he gained through extensive and long-lasting service work on machines is firmly anchored in our company philosophy and has always ensured that every customer’s production is kept running reliably. Norbert Quenzel’s feeling for emerging technologies, especially in the field of automation, perfectly combined with the increasingly individual demands of special machine construction and thus put customer-oriented individualization in the foreground of all QTM business areas.

For almost the entire millennium to date, QTM GmbH has been solving the individual challenges of more than 850 medium-sized companies and large corporations. What began as a customer-oriented individual service can now be seen as the accumulation of experience over many years. Not only did we learn to understand the technology down to the smallest detail and to make precise analyses of such diverse use cases, we learned one thing above all: what companies actually need. Thousands of individual machines taught us that automation needs are just as unique as the companies that need them. What was missing was one solution for all. One solution that could do it all, and that today QTM has manifested in one of the most advanced product lines in the automation industry.

A journey through the decades

1983 – 2000

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Woschnik + Partner GmbH is founded by Norbert Quenzel together with his partner Willibald Woschnik as a service company for WUPA automatic punch presses in Mönchengladbach.


The first new WPM 300 C die cutter is delivered to the customer Snel in the Netherlands.


Woschnik + Partner takes over WUPA Maschinen + Service GmbH from Nettetal and now builds die cutters in series under the name WPM.


Jagenberg takes over WPM and now offers die cutters and folder gluers with excellent service worldwide. The company at the new location in Mönchengladbach-Güdderath now has 120 employees! Norbert Quenzel remains loyal to the company as Managing Director.


DRUPA 2000 with the presentation of the new punching machines generation WPM 400 C and WPM 600 C.

Zeichnung unserer ersten Produktionshalle

2011 – today

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Josef Hermanns from Schwalmtal takes over the management after the retirement of Gunter Bayer.


Together with Jürgen Wyes in the management, the cooperation with BOBST Switzerland, for the overhaul of Bobst machines at the Schwalmtal site, in addition to the overhaul and sale of used sheet diecutting machines from WUPA and WPM, is completed.


A further cooperation with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG now enables QTM Service GmbH to manufacture spare parts and provide service for Heidelberg Dymatrix presses.


QTM Service GmbH now provides worldwide service and overhauls for used die cutting machines from the Dymatrix series. Heidelberg’s withdrawal from this product is of great significance for QTM Service GmbH. Following the retirement of Josef Hermanns, Jürgen Wyes takes over the business of QTM Service GmbH and Unirobot Maschinen + Service GmbH at the joint site together with Werner Peters.


At DRUPA 2016, QTM-Unirobot will present itself to the trade public with a new strategy at its own booth. The aim is now to offer automation solutions for the packaging industry in addition to the service of die cutting and the overhaul of die cutting systems.


QTM Service GmbH starts with the training of mechatronic engineers in order to ensure the specialization for die cutters and automation in the long term.


The shareholders of Unirobot Maschinen + Service GmbH and QTM Service GmbH decide on the takeover of Unirobot by QTM. An important milestone for the future development of both companies. Werner Peters retires, Jürgen Wyes now leads the company as managing director with 54 employees and 4 trainees.


The previous managing director Mr. Jürgen Wyes leaves the company for health reasons. After almost 13 years, the management passes back to the owner family Quenzel. The QTM Service GmbH was renamed to QTM, Automatisierung, Maschinen und Service GmbH.

Altes Foto von Norbert Quenzel

2001 – 2010

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Foundation of the new UNIROBOT Maschinen + Service GmbH in Hückelhoven-Baal and the development as well as the construction of automation systems for the automotive industry begins.


Acquisition of Jagenberg WPM by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. A further developed machine series with numerous innovations is marketed worldwide as Dymatrix 106 CSB and Dymatrix 142 CSB.


Norbert Quenzel leaves the newly aligned Heidelberger Postpress GmbH and from now on takes care of the service of the existing machines WUPA and WPM on the market: This was the foundation of today’s QTM Service GmbH. The cooperation with Unirobot Maschinen + Service GmbH is intensified.


Unirobot starts cooperation with Panasonic Europe Welding. The beginning of a long intensive market support for welding robot cells with automation solutions from Unirobot.


The tragic, much too early death of the company founder Norbert Quenzel places a great responsibility on QTM and Unirobot. The companies remain in the possession of the Quenzel family and move together to the newly built site in Schwalmtal with 5,000 square meters of production space and its own manufacturing. Gunter Bayer as managing director of Unirobot now leads the business of QTM Service GmbH.

Moderner Roboter aus dem Jahr 2023
Baustelle des QTM Neubaus in Schwalmtal
Norbert Quenzel am Tisch
Produktionshalle für Serienfertigung in Schwalmtal
Mitarbeiter gehen auf Stanzmaschine zu

We are part of why Germany is in the top 5 countries living automation.


satisfied customers worldwide


Countries rely on QTM


Current employees


m2 production area


Ceiling crane

35 Mio

Lines of program code written

> 3000

pcs. servo motors installed


Individual parts constructed


Robotic systems in the market


Machines sold

5,4 Mrd.

Sheets die-cut on our machines (approx.)


Technician assignments


Machines serviced

35 t

Metal processed per year (approx.)


Bores, threads and fits produced per year (approx.)

QTM Produktionshalle in Schwalmtal

Our automations have an impact on the whole world.

Weltkarte mit Unternehmensstandort in Schwalmtal (NRW)
Teammeeting zu den neuen Robotern

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