The most common response from our customers is, “Why didn’t the others think that would work?”

We know that standard doesn’t fit everyone. Palletizing, loading and unloading, inspecting or sorting. Welding, scanning or lifting. Our customers’ requirements are as individual as their respective fields of activity. Numerous factors play a role in the development of automation solutions, and these factors vary from customer to customer. It’s all about the task to be done, the available space or other design requirements. The existing working environment also plays a role in the development of individual automation solutions.

Special applications require special expertise. If your requirements are not covered by modern standard cells, we start with a blank sheet of paper and develop a stand-alone solution for you that does exactly what you need. In doing so, we will guide you competently and honestly through the entire process right from the start and advise you in detail about the options available for solving your challenges. As part of a quotation, we naturally also check the feasibility of implementing your individual ideas and identify problems of which our customers are not yet aware.

Customized developments

Kundengespräch über Automatisierung in Schwalmtal

Personal project support

Technische Zeichnung einer individuellen Automatisierungslösung liegt auf Tisch

Transparent consulting

Beratung einer Kundin in Schwalmtal

Transparent processes

Mann arbeitet mit Werkzeug an Maschine

Known QTM quality

Reference projects
that speak for themselves

Markets are constantly on the move and we enable a quick response to them. Due to our many years of experience with various industries, we think our way into new processes, structures and problems quickly, effectively and in a networked manner. The following projects we were able to successfully implement in the past and give an insight into the variety of possibilities we bring in the realization of customized solutions.

By clicking on the respective plant you will get a short description of the field of application and the functionalities. Our reference projects include both fully and partially automated systems as well as feeding and handling systems. If you are also facing a special challenge and need an individual solution, we will be happy to assist you with all our know-how!

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Uni Feeder Type UF

Fully automated system

Fully automatic production line for automatic loading and unloading of a further processing plant. Recognition and gripping of the components via a bin picking module. Sorting and inline QA inspection of the components fed by the driverless transport system (AGV). Interaction according to “Industry 4.0” with the associated plants and control systems is already standard here.

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Robot extraction system

Fully automated system

System for independent unloading of production machines. Automatic gripper changing system for maximum flexibility to add another QA inspection inline for classification of components. Connection to logistics systems for infeed and outfeed.

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Semi-automatic workstation

For joining or stretching components such as dampers in heavy duty applications with def. forces and positions. The operator only has to insert the blank and remove the finished component. The system takes all other specifications from the respective recipe and carries out the process cycle independently.

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Feeding-Handling-System Type EHS

Feeding and handling systems

System for sorting and depositing components, e.g. of a laser cutting system, according to order specifications.

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Partly automated punch press

Workstation for punching defined hole patterns in tubes. The positions of the perforations, whether rotational or in the longitudinal axis, are automatically processed in a process cycle according to recipe specifications. This means that the operator only has to insert the blank and remove the finished component.

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Double test facility as QM workstation

Semi automated system

Checking and marking of the components including subsequent verification of the marked QR codes. The employee is guided through the certified inspection process via the system. The data and specifications required for this come automatically via recipe specifications from the system. The result and the component flow are monitored according to an IO/NIO routine.

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Robot Extraction System Type RES

Feeding and handling systems

Plant for independent unloading of production machines. Connection to logistics systems for supply and discharge.

Roboter Entnahme System Type RES 2 von QTM Learn more

Robot Extraction System Type RES

Feeding and handling systems

Space-saving system for independent unloading of production machines.

Roboter Entnahme System Type RES 2 von QTM
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Customized palletizing systems

Feeding and handling systems

Highly efficient, flexible and scalable systems for palletizing and depalletizing cartons, bags, totes or other containers.

  • Portal or robot based
  • Cycle times < 5 seconds (depending on number of robots),
  • optionally combinable with
    • a pallet station for more self-sufficiency,
    • with a carton erector, sealer and/or labeler,
    • with a film spreader
  • individual gripper development (e.g. for non-self-stable, non-absorbent or non-closed cartons)
  • integration into customer’s inventory control system
  • Easy adaptation of packing schemes in case of product changes
  • Including conveyor systems and logistics (all from one source)

Customized handling systems

Our customized handling systems are the answer to increasingly demanding requirements in industrial manufacturing. We understand that every production environment is unique and has different workpiece handling requirements. Whether it’s loading and unloading heavy workpieces, delicate or hot components, or particularly large production batche –

we have the experience and technical know-how to develop a solution for your tasks. In our picture gallery below, we show you selected projects that illustrate the versatility and performance of our solutions. From robot-based feeding of packaging machines with corrugated board blanks to portal-based unloading of laser cutting systems.

  • Entnahme aus Sägeautomat und Abpalettierung der Zuschnitte auf Palette.
  • Entnahme verschiedener Rohrzuschnitte aus Sägeautomat und Abpalettierung in Holzbehälter mit Greiferwechselsystem und Palettenbahnhof.
  • Entnahme aus Sägeautomat und Abpalettierung in DB-Gitterboxen.
  • Portal-basierte Entnahme von Blech- und Rohrzuschnitten einer vorgelagerten Laserschneidanlage und sortierte Abpalettierung in DB-Gitterboxen.
  • Beschickung einer Verpackungsanlage mit großformatigen Wellpappezuschnitten (Video)
  • Entnahme- und Sortiersytem von Heiß-Teilen im Schmiede- und Pressen- und Giesserei
  • Anlagen zur automatischen Be- und Entladung einer Weiterverarbeitungsanlage. Erkennung und Greifen der Bauteile über ein Bin-Picking Modul. Sortierung und Inline-QS-Prüfung der durch das fahrerlose Transport-System (FTS) zugeführten Bauteile. Datenseitige Einbindung in die Weiterverarbeitungsanlage.
  • Entladung von über Fördertechnik zugeführten Gitterboxen durch Roboter zum Umsortieren von Bauteile in produktionsgerechte Einheiten inklusive Managementsystem der Transportboxen (KLT-Behälter).
  • Entladung durch Roboter zum Umsortieren von Bauteile aus Sammelboxen in produktionsgerechte Einheiten inklusive Managementsystem der Transportboxen (KLT-Behälter).

(Semi) automated assembly and test workstations

Partially automated workstations are used wherever full automation is not worthwhile due to complex and delicate work processes for small to medium quantities. Partially automated systems can then increase the speed of work and reduce the physical strain on workers. This can lead to higher productivity, as employees are freed from taking on tiring tasks.

In addition, automatic quality control mechanisms can be integrated to monitor the individual assembly steps (e.g. sequence and completeness of the work steps, automatic documentation, checking the tightening torque of screw connections, etc.). This allows human errors to be detected and rejects to be reduced.

  • Ergonomisch optimierter Montagearbeitsplatz
  • Teil-automatisierte Montagearbeitsplatz
  • Teil-automatisierte Prüfarbeitsplatz zur Leckagemessung von Fahrwerkskomponenten
Hersteller von Schweißrobotern zeigt Maschine

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