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Vertriebler demonstriert Sanwa Maschine aus Japan
Moderner Roboter aus dem Jahr 2023
Reparatur einer Stanzmaschine in Schwalmtal

At QTM from Schwalmtal near Mönchengladbach, we have always taken care of our customers from A to Z. No matter if you are new to automation, want to expand or replace your existing machines, need new or refurbished punching machines or are looking for a permanent service partner. Our three business areas cover all the needs of a progressive company and have led to long-term partnerships with us over the decades.

Since our founding, we have been known not only for always delivering 10% more than we should, but also for our self-motivated service philosophy, which is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. We know that your machines are a supporting pillar in your company and that breakdowns can have serious consequences. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure you know: With QTM, everything works as it should, if not a little bit better.


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QTM Werkshalle in Schwalmtal

We are working towards a world in which no one has to do monotonous and repetitive work anymore.

So many jobs are simply not made for humans. And so many jobs are nevertheless done by them. And they do it every day in countless companies that aren’t even aware of it. Our motivation is to envision a world where technology and humanity go hand in hand, to get the most out of both worlds and to be able to focus on what makes us tick and what tangibly improves everyone’s quality of life. It’s not about diminishing the value of human labor. On the contrary.

It’s about making better use of our human resources and freeing ourselves from monotonous and repetitive work. Giving ourselves space for what makes us human: our creativity and our ability to shape the world. Only then can we focus on projects that ignite our passion and have a positive impact on society. Through our everyday work, people have the opportunity to lift the burden from their shoulders and clear the way for what truly moves us forward.

News from QTM

Neues QTM Logo auf weißem Papier

Change of QTM management

After almost 13 years, the management passes back into the hands of the owner family Quenzel.

Change of QTM management

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